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A Ministry for those transitioning through the End-of-Life.
 Hospice Massage, Complementing Therapies & Education.

Gentle massage to ease pain and suffering

Massage Therapy for Your Loved One

How might my ill or elderly loved one benefit from Gentleheart's services? 

Every person is unique in their health history and current wellness status.  We design our massage and complementing therapies around the specific needs of each individual to help bring about the best results for their situation.  Some benefits to receiving regularly scheduled gentle sessions may be:  

Alleviation of loneliness
Easing of chronic aches and other discomforts
More easily entering into a state of physical and emotional relaxation
Improved mindfulness and a reduction of nervous worry
Stimulation of digestion and improved assimilation of food
Stimulation of peristalsis and promotion of regular bowel movements
Enhancement of regular sleep cycles
Reduction of aggressive outbursts related to sun-downers
More authentic and meaningful interpersonal interactions
An overall improvement in their sense of well being 
Gentleheart massage for cancer
Gentle touch massage therapy for hospice

Most individuals benefit greatly with regularly scheduled sessions.

Gentleheart gentle touch therapies